AS-Motor Allmähers®

Allmäher® – mowers for meadows, steep slopes and dense growth

For 60 years, Allmähers have been the solution when conventional mowers can go no further. AS-Motor’s founder Alfred Schefenacker recognised the problem faced by many winegrowers in the hills outside Stuttgart: mowing high grass on steep slopes. The inventor thus developed his own engine to power the first Allmäher, launching the company AS-Motor.

Since then a whole family of Allmähers has followed this robust three-wheeled meadow mower. AS-Motor provides a wide range of options depending on cutting widths and budget, but one thing remains constant: an Allmäher® must be robust, reliable, maneuverable and compact.

Engineered for high grass and dense growth on slopes, AS-Motor’s meadow mowers have earned a reputation of performance and reliability around the world in more than 30 countries. The Allmäher is still manufactured exclusively in Bühlertann in Baden-Württemberg.

Mowing meadows with the Allmäher

Over the years the Allmäher® has become the classic for extensive green area and landscape care. With its present-day Allmäher® models AS-Motor has perfected mulching, which requires high grass to only be cut a few times per year. The mulched particles of grass and scrub are uniformly distributed on the surface and decompose quickly as natural fertiliser. Many Allmäher models are equipped with a cross-blade system to mulch the cuttings as finely as possible.

Allmähers® are ideal for embankments and roadsides with dense grass, weeds and dense growth as well as meadow orchards, young forests, and private and public green areas.

Allmäher® or brush-cutter?

Allmähers® are used when conventional mowers hit their limits, clog-up, stop running, or can no longer move forward. Even today, the Allmäher® is often the only alternative to a handheld brush-cutter.

A comparative study conducted by AS-Motor and a university showed that an AS 63 2T ES delivered a 1.6 to 2.0 times higher work rate on steep terrain when compared with a brush-cutter. The AS 63 2T ES’s twin tyres prevent it from tipping over while limited-slip differential and front wheels that can be fixed in place enable safe travel diagonal to the slope. The AS 63’s closed mower deck prevents lateral stone ejection and considerably increases work safety when compared with a brush-cutter. This feature is essential to the safety of passing individuals and vehicles when mowing roadside greenery.