AS-Motor offers solutions for viticulture

Previously achieved by hard manual labour, the cultivation and maintenance of vineyards has been significantly improved by AS-Motor’s slope technology.

Vineyard cultivation is one of the oldest agricultural practices in human history. Thus viticulture is not only a cultural tradition in many regions, it has also become an important way of life. Sustainable viticulture has become increasingly important in recent decades – permanent plant cover improves soil structure and reduces nitrate leaching and erosion danger. Starting with the production of the first AS-Motor Allmäher in 1961, AS-Motor’s mowers are uniquely suited to tackle the steep slopes and thick growth of vineyards.

Application examples

Permanent and seasonal plant cover

Vineyards are cultivated on slopes in many of the world’s winegrowing regions. AS-Motor offers various solutions for slope mowing, including mulching devices for areas with particularly thick growth.

Mulching technology provides the robust cutting power needed to shred thick vines and prunings, returning the mulch to the soil as absorbable nutrients.

We avoid chemical pest control and excessive fertilization in our vineyard… We have been using the AS 21 and AS 28 mowers for years. The three-wheel mowers are ideal very agile and cut through tall grass outstandingly well... We mow our slopes with the 2-stroke, so that there is no problem with engine lubrication. With six horsepower the engine from AS is just great and has a lot of power.

– Michael Horlacher (hobby gardener and hobby winemaker from Stuttgart)

With the AS 901 flail mower I mow the grass and vine prunings between rows at the same time. This means less work cutting and no need for herbicides.

– Martin Gehauf (Farmer and winemaker, Freyburg)


AS-Motor - HP AS 940 Sherpa XL

All-wheel drive

All-wheel drive not only ensures performance on inclines over 30 degrees, but also a high level of safety for travel downhill. All-wheel drive delivers propulsion in wet conditions and on uneven terrain.


AS 901 SM
AS-Motor - AS 901 SM

Professional flail mulcher with a high work rate

36 inches
11.9/16.0 kW (hp)
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AS 940 Sherpa 4WD XL

High-grass, ride-on mower with permanent all-wheel drive and more ground clearance

36 inches
20.1/27 kW (hp)
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