AS-Motor offers solutions for hunting grounds management and forestry

Robust design is an advantage when caring for young forest areas, keeping forest paths clear and maintaining densely forested hunting grounds.

Application examples


Sustainable forest management relies on the correct balance between economy and ecology. The AS 65 Scout is an excellent alternative to a brush-cutter, particularly for the care of young forests. Flail mowers can be used just as effectively for maintaining forest margins or removing saplings up to 20 mm thick.

Hunting grounds

The daily work of hunting grounds management includes keeping stalking paths and clearings maintained for easier game spotting. Also, hunters often fence off fields to reduce the damage done by game. These fences must be mowed at regular intervals to preserve electrical conductivity and AS-Motor’s walk-behind Allmähers provide the precision handling needed for this purpose. When game damage cannot be avoided, e.g. damage caused by wild boars on grassland, AS-Motor’s flail mowers can level out the terrain.

Christmas tree plantations

The majority of the approximately 25 million Christmas trees sold annually are cultivated on professional plantations. If the grass between lanes grows too high, the Christmas trees’ lower branches lack access to light and start to lose their needles. For this special application, AS-Motor offers walk-behind mowers with branch deflectors that push branches upward while mowing. Flail mowers and ride-on Sherpa mowers are also ideally suited for use on Christmas tree plantations:


The machine’s low centre of gravity gives you a safe feeling, even on very uneven terrain. I am quite tall and still sit very comfortably with enough space – this never happens with ride-on mowers.

– Heiner Lorenz (Christmas tree plantations – Heiner Lorenz)

Time is a precious commodity which is why I'm the proud owner of an AS 940 XL.

– Udo Köhler (FMC Building Contractors, Frankfurt am Main)


Professional technology

During the mowing season, professional operators often run their machines 5 days per week, 8 hours per day. AS-Motor’s machines are unbeatable in terms of quality, durability and professional work results. Additional advantages include low weight, lashing points and compact transport dimensions.

Dense growth and forest

Young trees must be protected from invasive plants such as brambles and clematis in order to flourish. Thus young forests and Christmas tree plantations must be mowed on a regular basis. The AS Scout 65 can mow saplings up to 40 mm thick, while AS-Motor’s flail mowers effectively handle growth up to 20 mm thick.

AS-Motor - HP AS 940 Sherpa XL

All-wheel drive

All-wheel drive not only ensures performance on inclines over 30 degrees, but also a high level of safety for travel downhill. All-wheel drive delivers propulsion in wet conditions and on uneven terrain.


Remote controlled devices make the mowing of extreme slopes possible. This technology also allows the operator to mow at a safe distance from dust, wasps, ticks and other hazards.


AS 901 SM
AS-Motor - AS 901 SM

Professional flail mulcher with a high work rate

36 inches
11.9/16.0 kW (hp)
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AS 940 Sherpa 4WD XL

High-grass, ride-on mower with permanent all-wheel drive and more ground clearance

36 inches
20.1/27 kW (hp)
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