AS-Motor offers solutions for commercial landscapers

Several AS-Motor machines deliver the cutting performance, outstanding results and high work rates that commercial landscapers require from their professional tools.

Commercial landscaping spans the maintenance of private gardens and ornamental lawns to the conservation of green spaces. In any case, perfect work results are of utmost importance. AS-Motor provides commercial landscapers with the professional technology they need to deliver uniform cutting results, even on challenging terrain. The high quality and robust durability of our machines maximize efficiency and operator safety.

"I save an incredible amount of time by not needing to restart the device each time I empty the collection bag or cross a garden path… I am satisfied with the mowing result and collection of the AS 531, even in wet grass… The service of AS-Motor is as faultless and prompt as the device itself, meaning my mower is operational again as quickly as possible.”

– Michael Hiller talking about his AS 531 professional lawn mower (owner of Apollo Grünpflege in Oppenweiler)

"The AS 63 was totally impressive. My employees all told me, ‘Boss, this is one you have to buy!’”

– Joachim Schäfer (Inhaber von Schwarz & Schäfer Agrarservice)


Professional technology

During the mowing season, professional operators often run their machines 5 days per week, 8 hours per day. AS-Motor’s machines are unbeatable in terms of quality, durability and professional work results. Additional advantages include low weight, lashing points and compact transport dimensions.

Ornamental lawns

Ornamental lawns in both private gardens and public facilities can be maintained with either mulching or collecting mowers. When mulching, the finely-shredded cuttings remain on the surface as natural fertiliser, while collection bags help the operator transport cuttings to a disposal point. Lawns are usually mowed once per week to a cutting height of 40–50 mm, from a maximum height of 15 cm.

AS-Motor - HP AS 940 Sherpa XL

All-wheel drive

All-wheel drive not only ensures performance on inclines over 30 degrees, but also a high level of safety for travel downhill. All-wheel drive delivers propulsion in wet conditions and on uneven terrain.


Remote controlled devices make the mowing of extreme slopes possible. This technology also allows the operator to mow at a safe distance from dust, wasps, ticks and other hazards.


AS 901 SM
AS-Motor - AS 901 SM

Professional flail mulcher with a high work rate

36 inches
11.9/16.0 kW (hp)
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