AS-Motor offers solutions for sports facilities and golf courses

AS-Motor provides professional tools for the efficient maintenance of athletic facilities and golf courses.

Whether managing green areas around sports stadiums, car parks, embankments and the rough of golf courses, or delivering perfect mulching results on the sports fields and golf courses themselves, AS-Motor provides a variety of options for the professional maintenance of athletic facilities.

Application examples

Athletic facilities

Featuring various terrains and application areas, sports facilities require professional upkeep of green spaces. AS-Motor’s 2-stroke powered mowers are ideally suited for sloped embankments as well as high grass in peripheral regions. AS-Motor’s mechanical weed removal devices offer a chemical-free solution to the maintenance of car parks, walkways and paved areas at sports facilities.

The rough and lakes on golf courses

The rough often comprises three-quarters of a golf course’s total area. These areas must be maintained to prevent the encroachment of scrub while protecting native obstacles such as bushes and trees.  AS-Motor’s walk-behind mowers provide precision and cutting power when mowing the rough, as well as uneven terrain and the slopes around lakes.



AS 901 SM
AS-Motor - AS 901 SM

Professional flail mulcher with a high work rate

36 inches
11.9/16.0 kW (hp)
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AS 940 Sherpa 4WD XL

High-grass, ride-on mower with permanent all-wheel drive and more ground clearance

36 inches
20.1/27 kW (hp)
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AS 940 Sherpa 4WD RC
AS-Motor - AS 940 SHERPA 4WD RC

The world’s first ride-on mower with remote control offers even more safety and convenience in difficult terrain

36 inches
20.1/27 kW (hp)
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