What is Mulching?

Mulching is a mechanical process by which organic materials— grass, leaves, vines and other lawn detritus— are shredded to create a 100% organic fertilizer.  Mulching is an efficient and effective solution to many mowing tasks, and thus presents several advantages for landscaping professionals.

The first key advantage is that mulching doesn’t require the collecting and clean-up of large areas after mowing.  Given current technology, there are two options to clear a field that hasn’t been mowed for a long period of time.  The first is a weed whacker, a slow and inefficient tool but one that will get the job done.  However, this method of clearing high grass leaves behind a large-scale clean-up that, if neglected, will block the sun and potentially kill the lawn.

On the other hand, a mulching mower pulverizes high grass and brush into tiny particles, which are in turn absorbed by the topsoil as natural fertilizer.  There is no need to remove cuttings from the mowed area.  The professional operator thus saves himself the painstaking process of clean-up and disposal.

Another key advantage of mulching is its environmental impact.  Mulching a lawn generates a layer of organic material that fertilizes the soil, and reduces evaporation loss from the soil bed.  With mulching there is no need to use harmful chemical fertilizers.  The process also conserves water, and creates a solid soil base that fights against erosion and washouts.

The final key advantage of mulching— and potentially the most important— is safety.  Most ride-on lawn mowers pose the risk of ejecting objects at very high speeds.  With these mowers, grass is fed into an entry port, cut by a blade, and discarded from an ejection port.  However, sometimes there are hard objects such as rocks hiding in the lawn.  When these objects enter the cutting mechanism they can be ejected at speeds reaching 19,000 rpm, or around 216 mph.

Mulching mowers, however, have sealed ejection ports so that the grass clippings continue to circulate and get cut by the blades.  This reduces the risk of debris being ejected from the machine.

Mulching mowers like the best-selling AS Sherpa 940 4WD XL are practical, efficient and eco-friendly tools for professional landscapers.  Their key advantages include increasing operator safety, eliminating the time and cost-intensive process of clean-up and grass disposal, and best of all, they leave behind a natural fertilizer which is ideal for the environment.